Theme: Popsicle stick ship
To build the ship within given specifications that can carry maximum load before
sinking. The Ship must be constructed of given materials only.
Building Materials: (All materials will be provided on the day of the event)
1. Popsicle sticks.
2. Paper.
3. Glue.
● Dimensions:
1. Length – 20 cm.
2. Width – 12 cm.
3. Min Height – 10 cm.

The Competition:

1. Reporting of the participating team should be 15 minutes before the
start of the event.
2. Maximum 3 members in a team will be allowed.
3. Teams will be given 2 hours for construction of the ship using the
material provided on the day of the event.
4. No outside material will be allowed to be used during the time of the
5. Each team has to submit their ship after completion of the event for
6. Testing timings will be informed on the day of the event.
7. Inspection will be carried out on the submitted ship for verifying whether
the rules were followed or not and record the mass of the ship.
8. Selected ships will be only carried forward for testing.
9. The Ship must be able to hold the load at the loading point. The loading
point will be at the centre of the deck.
10. Ships will then be subjected to loading. Sinking of the ship or water
penetration into the ship will be considered as failure.
11. The load at which the failure occurs will be considered as final load.

Judging and Scoring:

1. The greatest load prior to failure will be a ship's capacity.
2. The capacity divided by the ship’s mass will be the ship's score.
3. The bridge with the highest score wins the event.
4. In case of tie the ship with highest load holding capacity will be considered
as the winner.