General Guideline:

  1. General theme of Poster Presentation: Innovation and Society related Technical Contents
  2. Theme must not be related to any cast or religious matter.
  3. No audio-visual means are permitted for poster presentation.
  4. The poster must be prepared in English Language only.
  5. On the spot edition is not allowed.
  6. Maximum 2 members are allowed in one Team.

Presenting author shall:

  1. Be responsible for displaying your poster at the pre-decided location. Volunteer shall help and support for the same.
  2. Be present beside the poster at least 15 minutes before your scheduled presentation session to interact with the other students/guest/audience.

Guidelines for Posters:

  1. Size of the Poster: (Max.) Breadth 90 cm X Length 120 cm; Recommended Size: A0 (840 mm X 1188 mm)
  2. Orientation of the poster must be Portrait Style.
  3. Text Body & Diagram: The Poster should be readable at a distance of 2 meters. Avoid using mixture of different font styles.
  4. Title: Font Size 60 in Cambria Bold
  5. GEC Palanpur logo, PRAXES-2k23 logo and G-20 logo (All available on PRAXES-2k23 Web-portal) should be included in the poster
  6. Name of Authors: Font Size 40 in Arial MT Rounded Bold
  7. Affiliation: Font Size 36 in Arial MT Rounded Bold
  8. The body of the poster should contain the followings:
  • Abstract: Font Size 36 in Times New Roman
  • Introduction: Font Size 32 in Times New Roman
  • Methodology: Font Size 32 in Times New Roman
  • Results & Discussion: Font Size 32 in Times New Roman
  • Conclusion: Font Size 32 in Times New Roman
  • Reference: Font Size 32 in Times New Roman, for example: Miniaturized Testing of Engineering Materials-V. Karthik, K. V. Kasiviswanathan, Baldev Raj, CRC Press (Taylor and Francis Group), 2016
  1. Text body in Graphics, Tables, Images: Font Size 32 in Times New Roman
  2. Captions for Graphics, Tables and Images: Font Size 32 in Times New Roman with Bold and Italic
  3. Poster soft copy can be created from MS Power Point (Some suggested videos are:):,,